In March 2016, the RSCDS Paris Branch published its first dance collection entitled The Paris Book of Scottish Country Dances, vol. 1. All Paris Book dances have been devised by dancers from the Paris branch.

Paris Book cover

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The book is available on the RSCDS Leeds Branch online shop.


Most dances published in the Paris Book have an original tune composed by one of our dancer musicians. The sheet music to the dances are not included in the printed version of the book but they can be downloaded freely from the Paris Book companion website.

Dance list

Name of the dance Dance type Dance shape Author
1. Rendez-vous à Vichy J32 3/4L Aliénor Latour
2. A Trip to Tobermory S32 3/4L Brian Allen
3. May the 4th be with you R32 3/4L Antoine Rousseau
4. Noces d’Argent M32 3/4L Mylène Rousseau
5. An Elizabethan Fancy for Henri Suhamy J32 3/3L Ginette Dallere
6. On DC’s Roads S32 4/4L Aymeric Fromherz
7. Speedy Life in Paris R32 3/4L Hervé Raymond
8. Les Pandas Roux J40 4/4L Emmy Wilkinson
9. Spanish Dance S32 2/4L Bénédicte Bascle
10. Love in the Marais R32 4/4L Aymeric Fromherz
11. Place de la Nation M64 3/4L Antoine Rousseau
12. Stooge Extraordinaire J32 3/4L Corentin Lefèvre
13. One Set Short of a Hundred S32 3/3L Aliénor Latour
14. The Pretty Bride of Préty R32 3/4L Mathias Ferber