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Learn the steps and the formations to the sound of traditional music both old and new, in an international ambiance of fun! Scottish Country Dancing is danced in groups (called sets) of four, six or eight. Sets of six or eight dancers are the most common. Some dances are easy, while others take a bit longer to learn. Elegance, stamina, teamwork, and most of all fun, all combine to make dancing a fantastic experience! Opening a window not only on Scottish culture, but also on others in the world, you can dance in Paris, but you can also take your dancing shoes to Scotland (of course), to New York, Tokyo, or Hawaii, on the five continents in fact, and find dancers ready to welcome you all over the world.

Come and join us, we’re waiting for you!

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RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch a partagé une publication.Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 at 6:22pm
Love was definitely in the air last weekend in Paris!
We hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did!
We would like to thank all the wonderful teachers: Dave Hall, Corinne Hilpert, Adam Hughes, Lindsey Ibbotson, William Williamson and Ramona Zohm!
We also want to thank all the marvelous musicians: Luke Brady, Anne-Laure Latour, Rodger McAndrew, Shona MacFadyen, Keith Smith, Wilde Ride, the Roaring Lyons and the Paris Band!
Many thanks to the amazing MCs: Alex Brick, Liz Douglas, Danièle Landrieau and Antoine Rousseau!
Many thanks to all the people for their support and their help, especially to Joana Stausberg, Olga McIntosh, Debbie Morris, Anne McArthur, Elizabeth Conder, Katherine Butler, Laurette Tuckerman, the members of the RSCDS Paris Branch and friends who helped us a lot during the event, Charlotte Dias (our wonderful treasurer) and Mathieu Trouillet (our amazing paparazzi)!
More videos and photos to come...
Thanks again to all of you, you filled our weekend with love!! ❤️❤️
The Spring Fling & Fringe Paris committee
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch a partagé une publication.Thursday, April 18th, 2019 at 6:10pm
Have a safe journey and see you all tomorrow!
Love will be soon in the air in Paris! Ooh la la 🥰

Nous vous souhaitons de faire un bon trajet et nous vous attendons tous avec impatience demain!
L’amour sera bientôt dans l’air à Paris! Ooh la la 🥰
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris BranchFriday, April 12th, 2019 at 5:46pm
Breaking news! Due to some cancellations, we have a few places left for Spring Fringe! Tell your friends and go quickly register on our website: https://springfringe.rscdsparis.fr/booking/tickets/

Information de dernière minute ! En raison d'annulations, nous pouvons à nouveau vous proposer quelques places pour le Spring Fringe ! Faites le savoir à vos amis et inscrivez vous rapidement : https://springfringe.rscdsparis.fr/inscription/billetterie/
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris BranchThursday, February 14th, 2019 at 2:54pm
The Paris team sends all of its LOVE your way for Valentine’s Day!! 💖💞💝

#tbt to last weekend’s Newcastle Festival, where the Paris dancers were excited to bring the “amour” of the Paris Branch abroad! 😍
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris BranchMonday, February 11th, 2019 at 5:36pm
Cargill's Leap, danced by our Paris team at the Newcastle Festival this past weekend.

Many thanks to Violaine for coaching and organizing this year's team!

RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris BranchMonday, February 11th, 2019 at 5:35pm
Mist O'er the Loch, as danced on Saturday by the Paris team at the Newcastle Festival.

Thanks to our very own Anne-Laure for the wonderful music!

RSCDS Paris Branch