Season 2017-2018

Download the membership form (doc) (pdf)

A subscription fee is required from dancers who wish to attend the RSCDS Paris Branch’s activities regularly.

The yearly subscription fee is 33€ for an adult (aged 25 or over), 57€ for a couple (aged 25 or over), 28€  for an young adult (16-24), 9€ for a life member of the RSCDS or a member of another RSCDS branch.

The yearly subscription is split as follows:
To the RSCDS : 24€ for an adult (25 or over), 39€ for a couple (25 or over) and 19€ for a young adult (16-24).
The remainder of the subscription is used by our local branch to cover its own costs.
Each member receives a copy of the Society’s magazine twice a year, which includes the periodic publication of the new dances, and is entitled 
to attend RSCDS courses in Scotland, to join the annual Summer School at St Andrews and to pay the member’s rate in the RSCDS shop