The Paris Branch encourages the development of live music during our various events all year long, as well as on our regular Monday nights. Musicians bring to the dance an energy and an enthusiasm that all dancers really appreciate.

The Paris Scottish Dance Band is currently composed of about ten young musicians who regularly rehearse together. Traditionally, Scottish Country Dancing is danced to the music of accordions, pianos and violins, but all instruments are welcome. Some fast dances demand a relatively strong technique but most are accessible.

The music courses, regularly organized since June 2015 at the Paris Branch, help the skilled instrumentalists to get trained for Scottish music played live at a ball. The teachers, who are all seasoned musicians, share their own experience and work with the trainees on the tunes included in the evening program. The sheet music is sent in advance, so everyone can arrive at the session having practiced the songs beforehand which will help to put an emphasis on interpretation, rhythm and ensemble work during the workshop.

We also have a partnership with the young musicians from the Lyon Branch, who come over regularly to play with us.

If you want to join us with your instrument, please contact Niols: