Welcome to the website of the Paris Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society!  (What is it ?)

Our classes will restart on Monday 13th September 2021. You can now renew your membership for 2021 – 2022.

Warning : The “Pass Sanitaire” will be required to access the Paris-Diderot University Sports Hall. The security personnel of the sports hall will be in charge of the controls at the building’s entrance. You will have to wear your mask inside the building except when dancing.

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RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch se sent surexcité(e).12/09/2021 @ 17:44
(English version below.)

C'est la rentrée !

Quoi de mieux pour fêter ça que de s'écouter un petit Strathspey joué par nos musiciennes Anne-Laure et Pascaline Latour ?

Le tune s'appelle Sibylle's Mother. La danse éponyme se trouve dans le Paris Book, volume 2, fraîchement sorti ! http://rscdsleeds.uk/index.php?id_product=1220&controller=product

La Paris Branch reprend ses activités demain lundi 13 Septembre. Jetez un œil au site web et venez danser avec nous ! https://www.rscdsparis.fr/accueil


A new dancing season begins!

And what better way to celebrate that than to listen to a Strathspey played by our musicians Anne-Laure and Pascaline Latour?

The tune is named Sibylle's Mother. The dance of the same name is part of the recently published Paris Book, volume 2. http://rscdsleeds.uk/index.php?id_product=1220&controller=product

The Paris Branch starts its yearly activities tomorrow Monday, September 13th. Have a look at our website and come danse with us! https://www.rscdsparis.fr/home
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch20/06/2021 @ 13:04
Some time ago, we published our Paris Book of Scottish Country Dances, volume 2. And we are delighted to say that it sells well! We simply cannot wait to see the dances live all over the world, and we cannot wait to dance them with you!

Want your own copy? You can get it from the Leeds Branch Shop: http://rscdsleeds.uk/index.php?id_product=1220&controller=product (Note: sometimes, the book is marked as "Expected later this month" when there are no more books in stock. You can safely order your copy and the Leeds Branch Shop will print some new copies and send you yours!)
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch06/05/2021 @ 18:39
La Paris Branch est fière de promouvoir ce petit reportage de France Bleu ! Notre amie Caroline, membre et musicienne de talent, est allée animer les couloirs du vaccinodrôme du Stade de France avec quelques Strathspey. Bravo à elle, et merci pour ce lien sur lequel on peut cliquer pour s’égayer de quelques notes écossaises, en attendant la reprise. A bientôt !

RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch03/04/2021 @ 18:16
We published our Paris Book of Scottish Country Dancing, volume 2 yesterday. But there's even more to come!

We give you today… the original tunes that go with the dances! They are available for free from our website and as a printed book from the Leeds Branch Shop. Get them, play them, dance to them!
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch se sent surexcité(e).02/04/2021 @ 17:00
Here we are! One year ago, our Easter Week-end Away in Chambéry had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. One year later, we get another dance-free Easter 🙁

But fear not! You can have a dancing week-end. We bring you... the Paris Book of Scottish Country Dances, volume 2! We are so excited! We hope you enjoy the book and we cannot wait to see you in real life and to dance with you!

The book is available as printed version and as PDF from the Leeds Branch Shop.
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch01/04/2021 @ 16:00
1 day to go

Friday, April 2nd, 2021

Hint at the end of the video

Stay tuned!
RSCDS Paris Branch

Learn the steps and the formations to the sound of traditional music both old and new, in an international ambiance of fun! Scottish Country Dancing is danced in groups (called sets) of four, six or eight. Sets of six or eight dancers are the most common. Some dances are easy, while others take a bit longer to learn. Elegance, stamina, teamwork, and most of all fun, all combine to make dancing a fantastic experience! Opening a window not only on Scottish culture, but also on others in the world, you can dance in Paris, but you can also take your dancing shoes to Scotland (of course), to New York, Tokyo, or Hawaii, on the five continents in fact, and find dancers ready to welcome you all over the world.

Come and join us, we're waiting for you!