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Our classes have restarted since Monday 18th September 2023. You can already renew your membership for 2023-2024!

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RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch01/09/2023 @ 0:33
It happened last week ! Three of our fellow members and musicians visited the RSCDS - San Francisco Branch and played fiddle and piano for the evening dance.
Big congrats to Anne, Victor and Caroline ! And let’s hope for many more amazing cross-overs in the future !
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch16/08/2023 @ 16:42
Everyone is now back from Summer School, after 4 very successful weeks, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the RSCDS in St Andrews!
No less than 6 members of the Paris Branch were on display with demonstration teams ! Here are group photos of 3 proud and happy teams !
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch09/08/2023 @ 17:01
Paris Branch members and friends from the Lyon Branch had a blast at Summer School, week 3, meeting new and old friends. We hope to see many of you in Paris in October for our advanced weekend! 😎
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch18/04/2023 @ 1:25
We were at Spring Fling in Edinburgh this weekend, and it felt so good to be on the dance floor once again; such great dancers, amazing music, and exhilarating energy! See you next year 😉

#RSCDS #RSCDS100 #SpringFling23Ed
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch26/03/2023 @ 13:41
The Paris Branch was at the centenary bal in Edinburgh ! Lots of music and dancing, a wonderful event !#RSCDS100 #CentenaryBall
RSCDS Paris Branch
RSCDS Paris Branch13/03/2023 @ 23:11
Friends 🥰, music 🎻🎹🎶 and scottish country dance 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 with The Paris Band of Scottish Music !
Thanks a lot to the RSCDS Bristol Branch for the invitation and their kindness!